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2/6 "Who or what are we to blame?"

Correctness Hierarchy and Totalitarian Objectivities. What is “wrong” with our present Institutions?

If we were to examine institutions - that is any - established anointed realm of guidance; purely from technical standpoint - there is hardly anything “wrong”, if at all - for us to refute their competences at all “re-corrections”.

Granted, without primary Institutions as infrastructures - be it agriculture, logistics and/or technology - civilisation would simply collapse. Hence, “Products” out of these inventions; be it “Automation”, “Medicine”, “Drugs”, “Fats”, “Sugar”, or “Salt” - despite their very convincing roles as “proxies” to our pathological and sociological - concerns - do not necessarily constitute the largest source of “blame”.

Irrespective how much bickering one suspects, or dissects each and every single above proxy’s real “purpose”; either by comprehending Quantum Physics, Biochemistry, or hoarding hundreds of scientific journals combined - all seemingly points towards a perpetually futile, and likely incomprehensible - conquest for “correctness”. As any perplexed individual may instigate all the way down - from firstly coming to terms such as “APOE”, “PCSK9”, “IGF-1” or “Hexosamine biosynthesis pathway”. Before then followed by “Interleukin-6”, “Schiff base products” or “Glycation”. Before then outer, enveloping concerns such as “Gini-Coefficient”, “Longevity” and “Psycho Social Stress” - gradually interferes into the picture.

Any or all intrinsic part of nature be it “Inflammation” or “cholesterol”, when scrutinised down right at its core mechanistic principle - seems neither a savour nor condemnation. By no means however, that all such proxies are “benign” in any or all conclusive, interpretive biological “senses”.

So “who” or “what” is to blame, then - for all these turbulences?

This Initiative may very well end its rationale by simply that - “leave it to the Biochemist”, or leave it to the “Engineers”. But we have subjective “interpretations” - “subjectivities” as such a discussion that largely remains ignored. So much so, that we often leave it to the “higher” hands at deciding (or perhaps overriding) any or all subjective - interpretations.

So right there, we have interpretations as a “hint”. Thus the authenticity behind such an interpretations are likely - overriden - by outside force. Be it direct, discreet or structural.

So we shall break the above question further. So who or what is this outside forces? Irrespective whether readers agree or not - this “force” is perpetuated by none other than an order of hierarchy. That is - the hierarchical order of structure - as Correctness Hierarchy.


Correctness Hierarchy = Binary Orders + Conformity.

Correctness Hierarchy, is what this Initiative defines to as Structural Impositions of binary order(s).

  • Perpetuated through politics, meta-analysis and epidemiological studies. “My facts are better than your facts.”. It’s either “normal” or “abnormal”.

Unlike realms of Engineering - whose sole, systemic aim is to achieve similarly to the above concrete, Objective Fixated outcome(s); with less and lesser - human interventions. “Teaching” and/or “influencing” human beings on the other hand - becomes more of a Subjective Artform. If Art is “expression”, then it is simply a constitute of individual biology. No matter how chaotic nor “crude”. Likewise if a picture consists of a thousand words, then it is subject to interpretations.

Once again, if we were to examine this pursuit for “correctness” or at the very least exudes “understanding” - entirely from technical perspective - such are indeed virtuous endeavours. After all, condensing nature’s complexity of chaos into orderly mannerism - are both instinctively and pleasingly - part of human instincts.

To what extents any pursuit or “belief” lead us however, if it were to remain imposingly unchanged - is where it becomes increasingly questionable. As Science become more ornately Subjective to be concisely understood - the more desire brews to Objectivise them into more concise and concis(er) - Binary Order(s).

Semantics as “Good” or “Bad” likely form and accepted thus - as truth(s). Initially perpetuated as early as primary education or of “Religion”. An exercise is prescribed thus in the name of so called “faith” and/or Quantified “willpower”. Yet any or all judgments - are reserved only by the ever omnipresence of “God”.

Subservience > Contingencies > Inflammation > Violence

In face of meritocratic helplessness, individuals deemed as not “good" enough” are simply told to do "more". Still not enough? Then blame it all on "Willpower". Still not good enough? The victims inevitably will be compared to a lesser circumstance.

Before then instructed to follow what all "famous" or "successful" survivor/s do. Hence, victimisation through Survivorship Bias.

Fast-forward to adulthood - we are instilled so convincingly that everything can be “solved” through what is known as practising "Common Sense". If "Common Sense" is the first and last word for cure or "panacea" to quell every human ill or resentment - how well are we doing so far through such paternalism? Sociological "inequality", political gender "inequalities", pathological metabolic syndromes, premature mortality, depression, mental illnesses, suicides, obesity - all continues to persist symptomatically.

When all else seemingly “fails” - institutions finally step in by structural conformities. Through more “rigorous” measures - condemnation, isolations and fixations. Irrespective of side effect(s).

"Rehabilitation" or "Re-corrections" is not overly different - from imprisonment. If one's complex sociological circumstances refuses to “cooperate” harmoniously with every-said "therapies", or that dangerous physiological implications persists from taking "SSRI anti-depressants, "Proton Pump Inhibitors", “Adderals”, Xanax's, Zoloft, Rivastatins, Antibiotics, Antipsychotics then individual instincts have never been more correct. It is each and every one of these myopic solution/s themselves that causes all such dubious outcomes.

After all, what is there for a patient to do? We have to submit our subserviences (and “patience”) as well as shouldering all such side effects ourselves.

There is however, one biological capacity that this Initiative implores at hinting us all the last remnant of hope of a solution.

That is, a self-enquiring journey of Self-Authenticity. An Authentic biological experiencing of what “enough” means.


Contextual sufficiency vs insufficiency.

What this Initiative suggests as “solution” is that of “individual dissolution”. To interpret this as metaphor - to solve a problem is not to eradicate; but to “dissolve” all matters into one.

We know that Resources rationalise our senses. Without nutrition, life is non-existential. Hence, it happens that through “Nutrition” - how one filters and interpret Resources - precursors all possible motivations at dissolving all matters into the self. The Being. After all “Nutrition” first and foremost - nurtures and precursors all - Interpretations.

Recall once again that This Initiative implores to redefine the word “Resource” - far and beyond consumptive “Utility”. It also represents ideas, beliefs, methodology (be it imposed or structured) as well as philosophy.

If we were to examine what makes any life form “sustainable”, or what constitutes “happiness”, it is not so far fetched to imply - that the living organism - is in state of Contextual Sufficiency. That is, it is in a state of being “sensitive” to whatever it receives - to capably and efficaciously partition such a Resource towards the sustenance of its own “Authenticity”. Judged not by outside or external ecosystem(s) of sociology. But Only through biological convictions, responses and wills of individuals’ own Authentic state of being.

As one may expect, the logistics towards such an enviable conclusion - is neither a relaxed nor quaint journey.

Before one can truly experience what enough means one must willingly embrace - through genuinely self-enquiring theme(s) of Authentic differences. Inbetween cyclically experiencing - Authentic abundance then followed by Authentic scarcity. Revise, reflect, repeat.

A full manuscript thus, was proposed as a result of over more than three years worth of self-enquiry. At guiding and enlightening prospective Viewers and Readers a journey - towards self-Authenticity, Individuality and Resilience.