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About Me

I am an individual with lateral interests beyond creativity and design. I advocate both progressive and lateral awareness in the concerning realms of health, nutrition, and social well-being.

My creative discipline consists of multiple fields of Design - from branding, general print, web design, and all the way to basic 3D modelling, rendering, motion graphics, and basic video editing, videography and grading. I have absorbed over seven years of accumulative agency and on-going freelance experiences since entering the industry in 2007. 

I have graduated from Central TAFE Western Australia School of Art, Design and Media for three years to have acquired an Adv. Diploma of Graphic Design in 2006 majoring in Multimedia 4D Design (with Certificate IV & Diploma of Graphic Design 2 years prior). Through Recognition of Prior Learning - this led me to my Undergraduate Bachelor Of Arts / Graphic Design Major Degree from Curtin University of Western Australia in late 2007.


I provide and deliver:

  • Visual Identity designs (both new branding and/or rebranding), stationery set design, style guide writing and advice.

  • Front-end web development and publishing with preferred Squarespace® as CMS or Wordpress CMS (elementary level due to complexity of plug-ins, theme and framework variability ecosystem/s).

  • Motion Graphic proficiencies; utilising Apple® Motion 5.3 and Final Cut Pro X® 10.3 to coordinate and deliver motion graphic compositions as well as basic videography / video editing capabilities. For more intricate and complex rendering and basic modelling proficiencies - MAXON® Cinema 4D.

I hereby welcome you to to witness my Services Booklet in their entirety. I provide and deliver my Services in one of two Formats.

  • 1/2 Freelancing per project basis. I exercise Whollistic Per Project budget amount from having analysed your exact needs, circumstances and parameters on both intended and inevitable outcomes of all aesthetic deliverables; payable in two deposits. The first as 25% Initial Deposit upon acceptance of Proposal and the remaining 75% strictly upon immediate declaration of completion. Please refer to my above Services Booklet for you to familiarise within my proficiencies, skillsets and any transparent limitations proving noteworthy for added discussion.

  • 2/2 Temporary / Casualisation Intermittent basis. Subjective hourly or daily - on demand rates are possibly on offer within prior arrangements and pragmatic capacity. Please contact me further to discuss relevant rates under your's (and only specifically at your's) contextual background / industry, worfklows, length of contract, and overall expectations.


As a member of AGDA, I exemplify accountability, endorse transparency and exercise capacitive humility upon all evidence of Freelancing labour; all via exercising Strict 25% Initial Deposits and 75%-upon-completion payment policies. Under absolutely no circumstances I accept  Spec Work requests; irrespective of any or all - withholding incentives.  


Please visit my Contact Forms Page should you have a question which I may already have overseen in detail. 




In addition to my Fixed Layouts Vitaes' - I have prepared and designed a feature Keynote Curriculum Vitae presentation. For prospective clients, and confidants within various industries of Design, Creative, Health, Fitness, Wellness, and Hospitality. Click here to download a copy. Note that this requires a Mac platform with a Keynote application from the App Store.  


I hereby present to you a total of Eight (8) individual Fixed-Layout Curriculum Vitaes; for various industries as accordingly. All accessible immediately below as separate downloadable PDFs.

Understandably, not all prospective employers accept such highly designed / customised layouts upon assessing an individual's employability. Hence below I present to you a conservatively and homogenously standardised version; immediately shareable as follows:


In addition to all of the above professional medium/s, I have also produced and recorded Expression-of-Interest Videos as proof-of-interests at diversifying towards Hospitality, Retail, Cleaning, and Health/Wellness opportunities. For primary creative industries please refer to my official showreel directly at the homepage.


In addition to my existing website (andrewwiguna.com) as of August 2016 I maintain a total four additional network presences - Branded.me, Behance, The Loop, and LinkedIN®

I am available for creative and design freelancing enquiries within three distinct categories of services - from Branding, Web or Motion Graphics Design. Please click here to submit your enquiries. I sincerely welcome all industry connections, feedbacks and comments relative to my interests and field/s of concerns be it of nutrition, physiology and overall/whollistic/nutritional wellness. 

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