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The Book / Humility Through Frugality™

Written from a basis of over three years of non-fictional, personally self-felt account - a book to help initiate and incentivise readers; from all nutritional walks of life - towards informed, personal change/s to live wiser & stronger within their means.

From nutrition to medicine. From biology to politics. This is beyond a survival and self motivational manuscript; but also a sharing of personal hypothesis to the causality of our own neglected decline/s in both Social and Economics  construct/s of recent history. With Nutrition, Human Physiology and Humility; as the encompassing theme and core context/s.

Written in an intuitive Questions Meet Answers format along with 50+ curated and collated medical and scientific references; this is NOT aimed for a "Feel-Good", quick reading motivational "pick-me-up" or a glossy sensational weekend recipes. But rather, an anecdotal repository of causalities behind how and what contributed us to where we are today - uncurious and forever confused in no small part thanks to our governance, corporate ventures and institutions.

Featuring three separate self-directed, self-produced motion graphic video productions "Humility Through Frugality™", a fully featured and developed website with custom domain as well as a routinely updated blog journal platform and dedicated Google+ profile. 

Free for all public reviews, reception, sharing and receiving. Because Humility is free - to earn and learn. 


Accompanying with these project/s are the Humility weekly Frugality / Minimalism shopping plan cards. Courteously printed by MOO®, London UK - the main goal is to provide easy, concise and direct Humility budget weekly shopping plans samples with respect through the various nutritional paradigm/s currently being practised today. These are simply no more than proposed weekly shopping plan ideas that are both viable and are open for subjective modifications to an individual’s caloric & lifestyle needs. 

Spanning across more than 28 individual ideas; these cards are encouraged to be shared amongst friends or relatives of anyone whom wishing to challenge and incentivise themselves to live within their own means. Custom writeable IIFYM (If-It-Fits-Your-Macro) cards are also provided to further spark the viewer’s ideas for them to create their own plan Humility plan/s.