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This Is™ - Humility / Nutritional Humility™

I maintain a wide, receptive outlook in any or all matters affecting me, my health and sociological / Psycho-Social aspects to and from those around me.  

Our current norms of pedestrian living have led us to many disconnections and unemphatic dismissals over the very wastes and depravations we unknowingly create all along. The result of all this comes down to this one eventuality - that given our increasingly disarrays of human compassion and empathy - we now live in a world whereby nobody is responsible willingly for anything. No admissions for any cause or vices. Unless if some form, gesture, expression, or immediate surface value of "Utility" remains affront as an incentive from others to both exploit and materialise. 

Throughout many recent but turbulent years - all undoubtedly have led me - to realise and discover all that is adversely declining within every fabric of living. Every problem we witness in present scale seems systemically connected and dependent from one to another. Every biological, sociological, environmental, physiological and differing moralities which contributed towards shaping the world we've inhabited - nevertheless continue being discarded as neglects and inaction leading to even more social AND physiological - deprivations. 


All these collective turbulences contribute to the modern state of living, or an environment I refer to within my manuscript as the "Pedestrian Normalcy". 

Such is the state of living that I as an individual too; have succumbed to be part of this Normalcy; whilst I unknowingly kept contributing a spiral of hardships on all aspects - from personal to financial. From physiological to psychological. From all that I myself have witnessed, experienced and absorbed - all inevitably channelled me the establishment of my own conceptual, social and personal concept trademark / branding initiative - "This Is™ Humility". First originated as life / personal observational processes and experiences back since 2013.   

This initiative explores and address the many growing neglect/s over what, where, how and why - that an individual's cognitive morality, physiological awareness and overall consciousness - can be adversely impacted by prior habits, coercions,  and influences towards perceiving Food, Nutrition and inevitably - Resources. All perpetuated and dictated by excess institutions, social conformities, or both.

Again - all within the basic realm and context of sustenance - Nutrition. Together with our own selfless, if yet sadly absent consciousness - Humility.

In my manuscript I debate upon its' misguided interpretations. Beyond what people perceive as "Moral Charity", "Forgiveness" or simply "Generosity". A value so sorely misunderstood, so sorely misguided; by the hands of our every institutionalised guidances and governances of idealisms amidst in the very broken and ironically contradictive - Economic System itself.  

All this led us to become increasingly failing to understand what consumption really means. And how food and nutrition - plays such pivotal role in our ways of interpreting everything of the world and to that of ourselves; all of which today seems increasingly distorted and disconnected and thereby; adversely damaging one aspect of living to another. 


Why food? Why nutrition?

Many of such "aspects" all can be derived and relate back to one inevitable realm of primal reason why we are still alive - our very own understanding of Nutrition and Consumption.

Why thus I have been so affixed to Nutrition? Because nutrition is what Nature governs every being, every cell - a grant, and a force - to create and rationalise two phenomenas - competition and entropy - to occur. Each of us are created because of prior physiological manifestations through genetic pairing. Each of us are a byproduct of someone else's competitive means of genetic survival. This requires Consumption. Consumption requires internal interpretation over how an organism best react and uses what is consumed towards fuel partitioning. Hence, without Nutrition; there would be no mitochondrial activity. 

We do not realise beyond a mere "fact" that food exists simply because it is there to nurture or to satiate hunger (that is; not merely "restoring" our hormone messaging levels to "full") . It is the very reason why it enables us our consequent metabolic, physiological and moral - interpretations of the world's and its connectedness similarly to that of a Systems Theory. Our current excessively paternalistic, institutionalised means to survival however, prevents the above much needed empathic interpretation.

What we sorely need, therefore is a reminder that "Nutrition" is essentially - a symbiosis to "interpretation". What we digest is how we interpret of the world, the lives of ourselves and from that of things we consume. For each and everything we consume or in this case receive - impose numerous complex chains of variable, interpretive yet connective - effects still yet to be fully known today. We are still unable to rule out the exact cause of atherosclerosis yet meanwhile - we still fail to realise the dependent connectedness of our own selves to that - of our environment. From the social to the molecular construct/s of life itself.

Hence, we have been fixated, and guided by our Institutions - to only remain for "fixing" symptoms. Yet the underlying, connected causality of each and every such "symptoms" from diseases to social unrest and derivations; remains solely and systemically -ignored or unaddressed. 

We may very well become accomplished psychologists or neuroscientists by "decorating" ourselves with abbreviated titles, and certifications  - to treat yet the most abhorrent of all mental disorders. But that - is only in ISOLATION away from other dependent connectedness or confounders. Yet not a single course or study of Nutrition was ever implemented in "Master" Degrees of the above supposedly "expert" fields - over how nutrition and gut health alone - impacts tremendously on mental health itself, all along

If "diseases" and "syndromes" exist long after life began, then it is only sensible to mark our environment as a significant contributor or confounding / "connectedness" factor that could have implied a collosal causation to these adversities, all along. After all, something has intervened within our dependant connectedness. That something must be material in form. It cannot be imaginary unless some form tangibility of cause and effect - are both present in our immediate surrounding. But must evidently - that something somehow be consumed and variably interpretive overtime.

Hence, it comes down to food and inevitably - resources as leverages. From our environment. All starting from our dining table and our grocery receipts.  From there then we could expand and brainstorm what constitutes our variability in receiving & interpreting the effects behind overall food and resource consumption.

Hint - it is all structured and man-made.

From geographical / statist 'borders' down to worsening effect/s of climate change and global warming. From lifestyle factors to fluctuating energy expenditure / exercise commitment/s. From our altruistic (or lack thereof;) social morality down to socio-economical sanctions and stratifications by means of Structural Violence - limiting mass means of access to many resources. Thus, it appears from this brainstorming - everything seems Systemically and Institutionally dictated from one to another.

Take a walk outside. Read the news. What do we see? Further complications, competitions and coercions. Leading to quick dismissals over processes and favour towards quick pejoratives, feel-good statements, survivorship biases list goes on.  

Living and sustaining sensibly have become so "complicated" - with all the above that we now have competing belief/s, dogmas, paradigms, rule or "dietary" guideline against another - hence numerous "Institutions" - therefore exist to coerce and to simplify over what is objectively "right" or "wrong" for the uninformed population.

Go back to our connectedness factor however and see what we're missing. Nothing in realms of Nature ever "morally" bears a right or wrong "consciousness". It is only thus far in the best of my ability - describe nature as more towards Contextual Dictatorships. Much more appropriate than the today's narrow minded, fixed, universal pejoratives of "bad" vs "good", "healthy" vs "unhealthy" we often see permeating in our sensationalist circles - the social media, viral marketings, the news, tabloids, etc.

So what drove them - us - to such blind immoralities? Again - excess Institutions and Social Conformities. 


My book - is an attempt to address one possible connectedness behind all this complexity. An attempt to address the fact that "change" is ever so systemically futile and too late. But to reflect is - never too late over assessing our own individualities. That "connectedness" is - the primal reconciling of  our own Self-Authentic - metabolic, physical, physiological complexity, and individuality composures from interpreting relatively to how we consume, and metabolise - resources. Both nutritively and morally from ways of receiving thoughts and influences.

Tracing back since the many advents of our own "greatness". The light globe. The steam engines. The plow. the penicillin, aspirin or the fertilisers. But none is as more destructive - the concept and invention - of Market Economics and Money as instrument of debt - have never before been admitted to be the driving validatory incentive behind all those things, ironically. Including wars and resource conquest/s out from two reasons only - consumptive hedonism and resource elitism.

Even if money is not empirically said by the inventor of the many above things (from the plow to the light globe) to be validly "important" - still - something else of leverage must somehow act as constitutes for adaptation. In order to keep every notion, every belief, every theory and paradigm - its' value overtime. What that something else is - could be either moral or intellectual reputations; to keep for regardless of the colossal wastes and means to keep them.   

Hence, a distortion of value systems analysis existed unadmittedly all along. What is it this "something else" that once again - as a confounder to this distortion? Humility. This book attempts to dispel the widespread myth behind what "Humility" truly is; beyond moral virtuosity, charity or Societal "modesty".

Written on the basis of over three years (and progressively on going) from my own anecdotal accounts of physiological & cognitive changes by means of nutritive interventions - this is a book beyond nutritive curiosities but rather - its' endless array of connected implications to life itself. All through asking each and every one of its readers a series of questions; challenging them - over what or who has made them blindingly to live subserviently away from their own inner potentials of understanding, relating and most of all - cognitively and biologically interpreting - all of the above greatest human concerns; yet to be addressed throughout our sociological history.  

We have lived far too long within these subservient, nanny-state, paternalistic contexts of institutionalised systems; so affixed within each of their own biasful interpretation of political or academia correctness in so called adherence to "Science". Deep within this book; I implore that Science is NEVER about objectivity conclusions. But rather - an open book to progressive and subjective interpretations. 

Think about it, if our current institutionalised definiton of "Science"; be it from subserviently following our dietary institutionalised paradigm, or our sociological institutionalised programs eg. forced tested means social welfare's; are indeed "correctively final" in solving every metabolic syndromes, diseases, obesities and every sociological concerns of today....Then how well are we actually doing so far?  

....I hope to have not claimed the only one to share this pessimism; for that everything we've done so far seemingly remains highly ineffective. Exacerbating and jeopardising other chained dependencies of human concerns for the supposed-benefit/s of something else. 


The Format and Nutritional Humility™

I have never considered myself as an accomplished writer or author; my grammar therefore is never immune from criticism. All sections of the book is entirely written in a format of Questions Meet Answers - as opposed to lengthy thesis-like academic formality. Because questions promote gentle curiosities; and only an answer can justify anything - over literally anything - their rationale for existence onto what, how and why - the world has arrived to such outcomes (or more appropriately a process of decline) we see today.

This book is anything but commercially toned, nor is it deservedly fitting on a coffee table. Nor is it all about sensational or delightful "recipes". But rather; a book to encourage you to form your own curiosities to thrive as well as seek - towards a greater, humble understanding of what and how the world have both shaped and coerced much of us for what we are today. A book both to encourage and to incentivise people to live within their own means by appreciating and self-investing in greater awareness on the sociological impacts from what and how we eat. 

This book may not directly solve all the world’s problems, or any defenitive cause behind all metabolic syndromes, or pathological outcomes. This book however hypothesizes the only one last and final qualitative process we often leave behind and take granted for the rest of the world; to realise, revise and accept. That is - our own measure/s of humility behind resource and nutritive consumption. Thus we need to reconcile our human priorities; all starting from understanding the basis root of this hierarchy of need itself. 

All this intertwined into a collective intellectual identity I constructed known as Nutritional Humility™. A learning tool and nutritive philosophy for any individual towards sensible and progressive - "NUTRITIVE INDIVIDUALISATION". All nutritive dogmas, beliefs, or paradigms bearing even a single word of "healthy" are inevitably institutionalised, and subjective in their degrees of replicable righteousness or correctness. Thus all foods can be only progressively assessed by its implicit usefulness, its varying degrees of CONTEXTS and its imposingly variable INTERPRETATIONS dependant upon the individual's genetics, physiology and socio-economic living factors.

Hence Nutritive Individualisation = CONTEXTS + INTERPRETATIONS. Given with time through personal realisations, revisions and acceptances - only then Nutritional Humility™; a finality construct of self-nutritive and metabolic awareness - will form within that person, as a result.  

I hereby welcome you to my Blog as well as that of the connected Google+ Page This Is Humility™that I regularly maintain and posts  much of my share of thoughts; all as tied under my parent branding initiative website that I have solely produced and designed (thisis-humility.com.au). 

Further comprised also of the three, separate motion graphic featurette I myself created and produced - all these efforts;  which are solely funded with no external help - I'd be sincerely pleased and grateful to hear any feedbacks and comments to all my endeavours within this branding initiative.


Set-Composer / DJ

Outside of my career focus in design I have amassed a prior, personal interest in promoting the alternative, less-technologically incentivised personal musicianship. I am a hobbyst set composer focusing upon respecting, and maintaining the elusive passionate musicality of the recent past, not present. I am an advocate for creating and producing mixes not entirely nor necessarily driven towards the context of enjoyment or entertainment; but of vision for an aesthetic journey and of all - crafting set compositions with a purpose. 

I have crafted my branding initiative surrounding this systemic way of thoughts and belief. These together with accumulated years of collecting records and personal listening - I have produced my own self-directed concept initiative - the MOMENT™ Project; for it is designed as a social branding attempt to bring this vision to the masses - producing set compositions with a tangible context of messages. A series of set compositions to remind anything of socially or politically significant debates in our lives. 

"To differentiate, not to compete." - is the ethos of everything I do behind this hobby. I sincerely welcome all industry connections, feedbacks and comments.

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