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This Is™ Humility

Preface and Rationale - by Andrew Wiguna

I maintain a multi-dimensional interest as curiosities across multiple realms of academic pursuits. From nutrition, philosophy, science and economics. My interest surrounds both the understanding and reflection of how well we perceive, filter and approach our single most causal need of our own existence - "Nutrition".

Beyond perceiving nutrition as "food"; to merely sustain our means of living. But as a compartmentalised symbiosis; to "Interpretation" itself. Beyond hedonic "indulgences". But also a process, a filtering of influences - information, ideologies, and politics. The more we neglect this lateral thinking - the more we dismiss how easily coerced we really are towards pedestrian obligations and subscription towards anything of Normalcy and Institutionalisation

My challenge and overall voice of concern is to argue everything we uphold and follow thus far are still subjective in their supposedly-confident efficacies; as so called epidemiological-evidenced "solutions", "simple, easy quick fixes" or instant gratifications. We thus have been fixated only on pursuing outcomes. But not willingly understand curiously what makes us an individualised process of something far more complex beyond statistical means ("averaged") of data. Hence unmotivated for change towards whollistic self-resilience and self-awareness in all aspects of living and sustaining. 

We have unknowingly constructed  a collective environment and age of "Decline"; which I thus call within my manuscript as the "Pedestrian Normalcy". A confused bewilderment of unsolicited advices, labellings, stereotypes, and never ending competitions of beliefs for "correctness" against another.


Throughout many recent but turbulent years of my own personal accounts - all undoubtedly have led me - to realise and discover all that is adversely declining within every fabric of living. Every problem we witness in present scale seems systemically connected and dependent from one to another.  Every biological, sociological, environmental, physiological and differing moralities which contributed towards shaping the world we've inhabited - nevertheless continue being discarded as neglects and inaction leading to even more social AND physiological - deprivations. 

From all that I myself have witnessed, experienced and absorbed - all inevitably channelled me the establishment of my own conceptual, viral/social and personal concept trademark / branding initiative - "This Is™ Humility". First originated as life / personal observational processes and experiences back since 2012.   

This initiative explores and address the many growing neglect/s over what, where, how and why - that an individual's cognitive morality, physiological awareness and overall consciousness - can be adversely impacted by prior habits, coercions, and influences towards perceiving Food, Nutrition and inevitably - Resources. All perpetuated and dictated by excess institutions, social conformities, or both.


What is wrong with our current institutions? 

All Institutions seemingly thus far thrive on epidemiological means of corrective "Faith". Backed by financing - any or all empirical "correctness" becomes stronger, or politically immutable from all oppositions. Hence, a black-or-white paternalism; is increasingly preached.

What gives an opinion, strategy or "solution" validity, or strength - largely revolves around its epidemiological backing and replicative following of such a belief that only a specific methodology simply "works" at "correcting" or "redirecting" a symptom of a predicament towards a more favourable outcome. The "ideal" outcome. And thus; "Faith" seemingly stems much from out of this average statistical worshipping and in turn - perpetuating hopeful, statistical coercions. 

Coercions and inspirations; goes hand in hand. We're thus consumed to see them both intertwined together as a "solution" towards addressing any or all - predicaments. Likewise - "Trust" and "faith"  - have become so instilled within us; perpetuating to what is known as "Common Sense";  perceivably so simplistic that we dismiss this as the end-all, and be-all - simplistic, unsolicited solution to inherently complicated problems. 

Not good enough? Do "more". Still not enough? Blame it all on "Willpower". Still not good enough? We're (inevitably, one way or another) - be compared at,  and then instructed to follow all what "famous" or "successful" people do. Hence; becoming victims of Survivorship Biases.

...And inevitably - Institutionalised. When all else fails.

Worse still - Institutions - now are capable for condensing all realm of physical or natural complexities of biological microcosms - down to simpler and simpler - wordplays as “easy” or “universal” advices and guidelines irrespective of how they are individually received and interpreted.  "Healthy" or "concise" dietary guidelines for "all". "Eat your colourful rainbow 2's and 5's". "Promising/progressive/egalitarian/liberal" political parties, "Caring or Empathic" social welfare institutions, "Fair and Just" judicial / justice systems. 

They, the Institutions - continue instilling such guidelines in paternalistic manner; to the point whereby it overrides biological individual senses of Authenticity. Hence, “Common Sense”; is largely imposed from this pattern.

If "Common Sense" is the first and last word for cure or "panacea" behind every human ill or temperament - how well are we doing so far in addressing any of the World's Problems by such paternalism?

Sociological "inequality", political gender "inequalities", pathological metabolic syndromes, premature mortality, depression, mental illnesses, suicides, obesity, to Structural Violence, and Overpopulation - continues to persists symptomatically. Even despite stringent subservience to each and every Institutional guidelines, rules, "laws" and/or correction dogma's. By resorting to "Common Senses". If somewhat futile and ironic - that those "senses" are also coercively policed and defined - by our subscription to whatever is of "Normalcy" as we both lose and sacrifice progressively - our own authentic biological, physiological selves at interpreting what "enough" means. 

We often subscribe to all these normalcy as the best "Scientific" solution. I dare to argue however, that this subscription is a lot more insidious. Institutions believe that "Science" - is empirical correctness. In their eyes - "Science" refuses to be wronged should a genetic outlier is non-responsive to their supposedly "solution".

If one's complex sociological circumstances refuses to work harmoniously with every-said "therapies", or the dangerous physiological implications appear clearly from SSRI anti-depressants, "Proton Pump Inhibitors", “Adderals”, Xanax's, Zoloft, Rivastatins, Antibiotics, Antipsychotics..….then the answer has never been more clearer - Institutions remains forever stubbornly disconnect; from everything they prescribe to the patient.

What is there for a patient to do? We have to submit our subserviences through side effects. For they, dear Institutions - do not care - if those side effects persist. Institutionalised methodology (or "prescriptions") after all only concerns its idealistic outcome at an isolated level so precisely at that as a target; whilst at a total symbiotic-disconnect to everything else of a patient's (or case / victims) biological contexts and interpretations.

…All at the expense of side effects left to the patient’s responsibility to “work out the rest”.

"Rehabilitation" or "RE-corrections" therefore it seems - is not too overly different - from imprisonment. After all - "fixing" a problem is much akin - to only FIXATE and IMMOBILISE such symptoms of a problem. Each in perfect - isolation.

We may very well become accomplished psychologists or neuroscientists by "decorating" ourselves with abbreviated titles, and certifications  - to treat yet the most abhorrent of all mental disorders. However that - is only in ISOLATION away from other dependent connectedness or confounders.

Yet not a single course or study of Nutrition was ever considered within "Master" Degrees of the above supposedly "expert" fields of academic knowledge. How understanding gut health alone - impacts tremendously on overall cognitive well-being.

It is only logical therefore that - we have to then ask ourselves two inevitable questions -

  • Could "simplicity" therefore - masks a complex irony in and of itself?

  • Is it thus not up to us to individually decide whether to become statistical followers or explorers - of our own Authenticity?

I have thus proposed not a "solution".

But rather a written reminder. A motivational manuscript re-addressing the one last possible confounder behind all these calamity. Our own means and understanding - of "consumption". An individual reconciling - of what “enough” means, not out of theology, but of biological authenticity.


My book - is an attempt to address my thoughts behind how complex nuanced aspects of Nutrition is behind everything there is of our own declines. 

I hypothesise within this book for all of us to reinterpret what a "solution" truly means. In that it is simply a state of "dissolve" from two matter/s into one. Any realm of human sustenance likely revolves around the exchanging between that of our environment, flora, fauna or sociology and/against to that of our own biology - thus - as an ever-present state of - dissolves. It is therefore - what manifests our reason and rationale - of living and of life itself. 

I implore a “solution”; never as a gospel for all, but an intuitive encouragement towards all to exercise self-resilience amidst embracing episodical nutrient and resource scarcities; whilst fullfiling all that of our objective meritocracies. However disastrous and inhumane this may seem - it is largely a re-conditioning method stemming all from within.

Beyond nutrition, I share to readers how from this realm of need alone - imposes much wider areas of living. From concerns of politics, philosophy and sociology.

In this book I dispel the widespread misconception and misguided notion/s of what Humility truly means; beyond idealistic moral virtuosity, charity, “Religion” or Societal "modesty". But rather - a biological level of understanding and interpreting of what "enough" means back to our own physiology; body and mind.



I have never considered myself as an accomplished writer or author; my grammar therefore is never immune from criticism. All sections of the book is entirely written in a format of Questions Meet Answers - as opposed to lengthy thesis-like academic formality. Because questions promote gentle curiosities; and only an answer can justify anything - over literally anything - their rationale for existence onto what, how and why - the world has arrived to such outcomes (or more appropriately a process of decline) we see today.

This book is anything but commercially toned, nor is it deservedly fitting on a coffee table. Nor is it all about sensational or delightful "recipes". But rather; a book to encourage you to form your own curiosities to thrive as well as seek - towards a greater, humble understanding of what and how the world have both shaped and coerced much of us for what we are today. 



Deep within my manuscript; I implore also that "Science"; beyond just an academia pursuit - is NEVER about defining objectivity conclusions. But rather - a willingly re-defining of our own self consciousness; much akin to an open book of progressive and subjective -interpretations.  

My book does not end simply as a satirical take against many books on nutrition or self-help "advices". It can be thought of also as a philosophical resource at tying together all of the above concerns into this one visual philosophical / identity I designed as - "Nutritional Humility™."   An intellectual identity, a nutritive philosophy towards encouraging an outcome I devise as - "NUTRITIVE INDIVIDUALISATION".

Any "Facts" therefore is only as "valid" as how it is biologically "interpreted".

As we may recall from our discussion above; a following upon any Institutionalised guideline, opinion, or dogma is nothing more than a bias towards statistical coercions. Our biology on the other hand is inherently individual, complicated and thus may forever not comply favourably from one manifestation, one context, or one interpretation against the next. 

All nutritive dogmas, beliefs, or paradigms bearing even a single word of "healthy" are inevitably overly egoistic and idealised, and subjective in their degrees of replicable righteousness or correctness. Thus all things we receive, consume - shall be only progressively assessed by its implicit usefulness, its varying degrees of CONTEXTS and its imposingly variable INTERPRETATIONS  - dependant upon the individual's genetics, physiology and socio-economic living confounders.

Hence Nutritive Individualisation = CONTEXTS + INTERPRETATIONS. Given with time through personal realisations, revisions and acceptances - only then Nutritional Humility™; a finality construct of self-nutritive and metabolic awareness - will form within that person, as a result.

Links and where to find this project

I hereby invite all visitors to witness my Blog as well as that of the connected Google+ Page This Is Humility™ I regularly maintain and posts much of my share of thoughts; all as tied under my parent branding initiative website that I have solely produced and designed (thisis-humility.com.au). 

Further comprised also of the motion graphic featurette videos I myself created, recorded, edited and produced - all these efforts;  which are solely funded with no external help - I'd be sincerely pleased and grateful to hear any feedbacks and comments to all my endeavours within this branding initiative.

Andrew Wiguna / AW™