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to establish and sonically personify the theme "self-discovery".


In the realm of music listening; there is one thing we are either aware of unaware of our consciousness - we gradually develop a sense of anticipation. A sense whereby we would expect a certain emotion to take and guide us through a set composition; piece by piece. Out from this anticipation; only three things can exist as a behavioural reaction -we Discover, then Absorb and afterwards - Reflect.

As the starting "genesis" of the entire MOMENT™ Project, it is whereby I wanted to apply the context of "Discovery" into a sonic compositional theme. Within the genres that defines the outmost sense of comfort and respect - chill out, nu-soul and downtempo.  

As coming from a personal belief - music is not merely invented to engage our explicit senses; it beckons our implicit response as a series of reactions. First, we Discover what it is that is being played/ we then absorb the Relevance, its' connections; whether full or impartial - to our collective memories within our lifetime. And then most importantly - we Reflect; where we try to understand and reflect anything of what's been played to us and how that has made us feel.  

This is where "self-discovery"; a moment whereby so special and unique that it can only be identified and relevant as to only how the listener perceives it as such. And it all stems from putting ourselves on a journey to listen to discover what this journey means individually to each of us. 

By observation - the mainstream listening expectations for the chill-out & downtempo genres of today simply comes down to this -  they are filtered and judged by the public to fall under one of two opinions - either that could be played in front of a group of people (mass/audience listening), or entirely for personal / solo listening (inspirational/spiritual).

This is an attempt; with over six years in its' original vision - to achieve something beyond what is commonly predictable.  To create something that is flexible, yet not overly so saturated to the point where it can sound overly spiritual; which is what's overly predictable and common in the existing chill-out genre market. 

As a former avid collector of chill-out and downtempo music collections over the years I can only break down  two different "expectations" in the realm of set composing these genres - whether the entire tracklist or set composition is deemed or absorbed and reflected by the listener as "Personal" or "Collective". Collective - as in how that compilation would be best played in front of a group of people. Or Personal - how this can be perceived as something that is made for an entirely personal listening experience. 

Destination : Yours is an attempt to blend the best of both worlds - something that accomodates and communicates to the listener on an individual basis, as well as those on a group setting. It is simply the beginning of an antithesis of anything but the ordinary. It is a personal attempt to exemplifies as well as to accomodate the different, varying ways of what the words of journey and self discovery means to the listener; in a gradual anticipation.

Hence, here we have a starting goal within the entirety of the MOMENT™ project by relating what is most important in our base of understanding, feeling and perceiving music - to establish and sonically personify the meaning of self-discovery through set compositions.