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More Works

More works are available upon request.

Should you require more works for closer review, there are two (2) request options available, please title your request accordingly under the Subject Heading of my Contact Form. Due to sensitive policies, industry-wide impositions and file-sizes, these are restricted from free public downloading.


1/2 Private Showcase Works

Private Showcase presents a series of works subject under discreet Non-Disclosure Agreement policies, which prevents regular visual distribution amidst public domains of the world wide web due to interest of clientele’s industry secrets, privacy, and anonymity of interests. In spite legal proof of my testimony behind all creations of such original work(s) almost all of the works in this document is not showcased elsewhere.

2/2 Prior Works

A curation of all prior works spanning all various disciplines of graphic design, web design (front-end) multimedia, and motion graphics amidst fields of advertising, branding to name a few. Unlike its presence already visible in other folio sites this contains higher resolution imagery(s) which are viewable for closer viewing and inspection(s).