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humility & passion; not fame.

Humanism / [mass-noun] : a rationalist outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters.

Humanist Mixing™ is an individually derived systemic way of thoughts, beliefs and values behind everything to do in sourcing, producing and performing set compositions. It is by no means an agenda against the majority as a political movement; other than the fact that it remains a personal ideology - that honours the classical and traditional practising standards of DJ'ing and set compositions in general.

It is; at its sole core intent - to preserve and practise an image of inner humility. An image of humility not necessarily dictated by the masses over what to play, or what the "latest" trend of technological asset to use. An image of humility not entirely driven towards / for an all out socio-political image conquest/s; comparable to that of celebrities and iconography. 

Of all - an image of humility of going back to the roots for preserving the performance methodologies as well as sonic signatures of what sounds passionate, humane and of all - intuitive. An elusive bearing of quality in which no measure of effects or technicalities of such properties of a song (or ultimately - the set composition itself in general) are decisive factors. 

A systemic set of thoughts of respect that favour and prioritise sheer musicality as a goal. In every session spent either behind or away from the decks. To restore the faith and respect of maintaining, curating and delivering good musicality by intuitive musical selection, and simplified, respectful ways of mixing & performing / practising. 

What lies in ahead are the various issue/s and problems we are currently facing in terms of general / masses expectations of music and their demands for how it is performed. Of which all of these ties together the working "rationale" behind this personal manifesto.