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questions & arguments - meet answers

1. What is Humanist Mixing™?

Humanist Mixing™ (shortened for the former title "Humanist Principle of Mixing™") is a systemic, entirely personal & independent way of beliefs and ideologies that work around the goal of maintaining and achieving vibrant, concise and  intuitive musicality with as little technological incentives as possible. A hallmark tradition and recognition of respect to those of our ancestors in this hobby and ultimately - this profession.

2. Why are you calling this "Humanist"? Are these principles or ideologies meant to represent Humanism as a political / social movement?

First - "Humanism" - is an entirely political / social movement. Where as this personal, conceptual manifesto - is not. This  is not derived, designed, constructed or written in to completely conform to the ideology / political framework to that of Humanism. Nor is it expected to induce or to cause - a violent widespread social revolution (although of course, if the result of this work does change people's inherent perception away from the mainstream - that is always a good thing).

However, whilst many of things I conceptualise here do recognise in similar values of what considered as a humanitarian label of being a "Humanist" - that he/she practices ethical understanding/s of life, sheer rationalism/s and value experience as a favoured universal attribute; these remain strictly as indirect inspirations and nothing more beyond that. I am not in part nor in any way affiliated with Humanism as a way of religious movement, nor in any socio-political affinity in ways that is deemed political.

This principle adds one thing that makes it a humane quality - that is - it persists against the temptations of exploiting the ever flourishing technology through humility. Why? because simply there is no need for it; nor is it warranted / sufficient enough as a need to do so.

3. You are close minded, over-protectionist.

Every human being is close minded, to one degree or another; immediately through an acquisition of respect, desire or both. Every human being is entitled to gain an exception of how he / she believes to be an exception to the rule. Once you've found yours, you will be bound by instinct to protect them. This sort of conclusion only thus concludes the fact that there are many out there who simply and ironically contradict themselves in other areas of their life; thus defending them of their precious belief systems.

In other words, I certainly have mine - and so do anyone with a mature sense of intellect.

4. You've discarded one important strength of technology - evolution of originality & creativity.

You need to understand the distinction between "creating" and "performing". I am not a producer; but I clearly of course have my respect in that if you are solely an Artist or a Producer performing work/s that you genuinely created yourself - then by all means you have my fullest respect to use whatever technology you have or can afford to pursue that. 

Keeping in mind that this entire paradigm that I wish to communicate upon is solely focused on "mixing" and "performing". Your sole task is to simply be your own ambassador to the different artist/s and producer/s out there whom YOU DID NOT create the works yourself. This is where understanding the lines between Laptop DJs VS. Vinyl / Turntable based DJs are always blurred since everybody has their own belief system to a framework which full fills their sense and understanding of that very word - "respect".  

In other words, I certainly have mine - and so do anyone with a mature sense of intellect.

5. Your preference & decision for non-mainstream music is primitive and futile compared to the times of today. As a SET COMPOSER catering to the public - People only want to hear music they already know.

*IF* every DJ happens to only play music everyone knows or what's "hot" in the year's bucket, then that is; technically speaking - you have discarded two elusive assets in society - diversity and awareness. There are times that yes, I share some common belief that from a fine arts perspective - nothing is ever original; even my musical selections no matter how off mainstream they sound - they are not entirely original in every sense. But the integrity of what made the sounds of yesterday so different to the sounds of today - are the underlying qualities of passion, understanding and intuition. These in turn - are the rare, hard-earned attempts of attaining that elusive originality and most of all - encourages both sense of respect & belonging.  

*IF* I happen to like all of the mainstream sounds of EDM today; then that's great - I just made myself joining to thousands; if not millions of other DJ's who have the same list of musical interest & selection in their possible resume : Top40. Do you want hear the same thing over and over again?  

Anywhere here in Australia, every entertainment, nightlife and ultimately social expenses are monumentally unspeakable. Why bother going on a night out where it's right there on your iTunes? If you wish to keep hearing or requesting Top40 then that's what your local Radio is for. All that matters left is you having a sound system, laptop, a less than $10 or even free DJ mixing app and iTunes account to complete your needs. Better yet - you can host your own house party forever after.

What most people still does not realise the meaning of originality is simply this : pure originality is driven by passion, integrity, understanding and intuition. The skills, patience and perseverance of outsourcing, finding and hunting for those tracks that full fills these quality are always going to be very difficult. But once you've found yours after days, weeks and months of visiting your record shops and auditioning a dozen online - you will at some stage realise that feeling of accomplishment & contentment that cannot be replicated by simply downloading what's currently "popular" or off the charts.   

6. Using / playing / carrying crates of vinyls & turntables are primitive compared to a laptop with a hard drive with enough songs to fill in at least month of sessions.

This is simply because one thing : it's what we do. And out of respect - it's what our ancestors in this hobby do. 

You can simply argue back and forth that it is simply and should be the sounds coming from the speakers that should ONLY be the ultimate defining factor of a successful mix, or a successful event. But really anyone can play, or pick a track for the speakers to play. It's not that hard - It's either the software or the hardware that does it for you. 

But what about the skill of musical selection? That level of intuition? Understanding? How much can you convince the possible crowd in front of you that you are nothing more than a series of button pusher or at worse - seen nothing more than a static jukebox? Unless of course, if your musical interests are solely within the Top40, or the straight downloaded Top100 Beatport material. People need to see you as someone who bears a sense of duty, homage, and most of all - respect to the tradition.

At the same time, we all do know that all analogue materials degrade with use overtime - that's when a portable hard drive comes in as a backup contingency measure. 

7. I gave one of your projects/mix a quick listen and it is nothing extraordinary.

I sincerely welcome all feedbacks; constructive or even as hinted otherwise. What I do not welcome however; are feedbacks that are simply rhetorical. That is, feedbacks from a potential audience that they know initially from the-get-go that they themselves are not willing to keep an open mind. 

Hence, it is obvious that these type of feedbacks are coming from people are looking for the most instant, quickest gratification of such that is stereotypically known and expected as "quality". Perhaps these people are only attracted for what is flashy and quick as opposed to what is genuine and methodical.

For whatever reason these feedbacks are derived upon - they are granted complete liberty to go and listen to something else preferably more saturated and mainstream.