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The first section of the rationale is to communicate and clarify the differences between "style" and "substance".  

"Style" in artistic terms means nothing else than a pre-fabricated manner of the end or finished visualisation. Style is only the external implications and/or ways of how you use and respond to your senses - see, hear, touch and taste. But what the body or in this case, substance - is the underlying “feeling” of everything we do in life. And this is the important difference - how your clothing looks, and how your food  tastes  - but substance is the concrete thinking, the artistic physics behind all rationalities in life; and that includes your choosing and reasoning of your health, clothing, food and music. 

The massive problem I face in today’s music is that most; if not all - are delivered by way of nothing more than predictably, & profitably aggressive, pretentious, bullish persona; as immediately apparent on the visual, and the sonic aspects.

Style in this musical aspect then, is purely and simply just a finished product as a shell. Substance, therefore, is the aesthetic physics and the absolute pre-cursor to everything.  After all, who or what governs our selves into doing what we do? It’s reasoning. Who or what governs reason? conscience. And what is the solid identity behind these? substance.

Substance therefore, is the pure embodiment of finding the right base of songs that doesn’t need to showcase the best of the trends in the pack of competition; but rather - music that is simply that - music that was created as a way to make people remember not only within the years as it went past; but years ahead in the future. 

But what really qualifies these music to have "substance" - there is only one elusive characteristic I believe that is attached and designed towards it - it's cohesion. More often than not, this is the characteristic that is driven and created out of passion & intuition, and less driven and created by simply out of effects or technicality. 

I may lack all attributes in understanding the formalities & the depth of musical theory; but what I know simply through lots of listening and collecting resources (which now is financially & sporadically impossible) is simply this - I am only interested in collecting musical works bearing the following melodic characteristics: vibrant, melancholic, and intuitive. Regardless of what sub-genres of House I'm interested in.

The massive problem I face in today's music is that most; if not all - are delivered by way of nothing more than predictably, & profitably aggressive, pretentious, bullish persona; in both visual & sonic aspects. Hence, in this mainstream market - most melodic arrangements are simply nothing more than re-dressed, re-shelled, re-imagined and in other words - simply re-cycled off from sounds that we've heard from somewhere before; even though we as end consumers have unfortunately lost or have forgotten who the creators were.

As such, I am hardly; if ever - touched upon by the mainstream sounds of today. As you may or may not already notice the abuse and misuse and misunderstanding between style and substance in the everyday world is apparent, flourishing and at large.