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Technological Obsolescence

Next issue at highlight - is to maintain and progress ourselves with the technology by humility. 

Technological obsolescence - the current climate

This system promotes simplicity by way of both curation and delivery of a performance itself. The primary ingredient - being the music itself needs to be well curated, mixed and performed with as few technological incentive as possible. Whilst remaining fully aware and conscious to adapt to the technology only as parts that we need, not want.

There is one thing we simply forget to admit: we are living in a world whereby technology comes in overly great abundance; so much so that we in return - continuously abuse & dispose of it for something superficially "better" for our tasks which doesn't seem to evolve much at all. The only use I have for my laptop especially within the performance / practicality sides of this hobby is simply for organising, identifying the musical keys and manually entering & logging set compilation playlist/s (that really at the end of the day requires two softwares - most important of them being is believe it or not: a notepad). 

We now have lost respect and understanding the physical (and ultimately, educational) presence & usage of a technological asset. Which instead leads to the sheer easiness of using it by anyone without prior experience or training.

I am an advocate for having technological respect of the respected past and do not simply see its' obsolescence as being simply that - an object of past life. Instead, it is an object that demands correct usage, honour and discipline.

Simply gather the numbers of anyone who are passionate (or) about to enter in the realm of DJ'ing / set composing; and note the sort of questions they would ask. The main one being What sort of equipment / musical formats do they use today?  Let us assume that a society is evenly split between two generations - X, and Y; the latter being reffered to as the most current. What does this mean? This means that there is going to be at most a 50% chance for the answer to fall any one of these trendy "names": Serato®. Ableton®. Traktor®. Laptops.; All-in-one consoles / controllers. Ipads. Iphones, etc. Or this: Turntables. CDJs. Beats / Fx / Samplers. Mixers. 

Now my question is simply this: Which are more plainly "accessible" to the general community right at this minute? You would already know the answer. The ever-growing problem we have in society of today is the overly prevalent sense & distribution of technology into hands of our "next" young generation…and they are helplessly being driven by the mass-profitability & popularity of whatever is considered "new" and "trendy". And thus, this only feeds more to the fire of those who have worked long and hard to have originated the long-gone respect of using the correct, and trusted equipment of the trade. Everything and everywhere else are simply not worthy to be considered at the present timeline of usability trends.  

What does this mean? We now have lost respect and understanding the physical (and ultimately, educational) presence & usage of an item. Which Instead leads to  the sheer easiness of using it by anyone without prior experience or training. We have significantly ignored the very basis of recognition & responsibilities of what a DJ means.  

Let us admit that fact. I understand it's difficult & humiliating to surrender our mistakes for it. But really at the very base simple fact of it all - is that we have all forgotten one thing : to preserve and acknowledge the wisdom of the past by understanding & honouring the equipment of such tradition.