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Initialsession™ is a self promo series of mixed compilations to demonstrate the minimal goal of production in promotional compilation design - balancing the best of both listening worlds - Performance and Casual based listening criteria/s.  


Taken straight from actual practise based libraries (as well as a few concept-set libraries) -the goal behind this project is simple: to re-create the "realism" behind set compositions that reflects the best of both listening purposes : Performance VS. Casual based listening criteria/s. A series of compilations that could rest comfortably on a reviewer's desk, as well as a compilation that could rest practically on a casual listening shelf.

For more information, please visit the FAQs as this will most likely answer any questions you may have. 

Each volume consists of one constructed set composition that is essentially taken straight from my actual performance library as given per to the genres as focused; either one or a few relative sub-genres at a time. Created as one of the very first projects within my starting year of DJ'ing & set composing hobby in late 2011 - the heart of each and every Initialsession™ volumes carries one consistent personality - to curate and conform with values of respect, simplicity & humility.

No excessive editing or shortcutting of story lines.
These are not a quick 5-minute extreme mashed-up resume material.
|This is a conceptual attempt to re-create the realistic length of a demonstrative 
enveloping-play scenario within a specific feel, intent, style or event.

No excessive mastering & dynamics and extra processing's applied.
This is all about going back to the basics - all about the music; less about what's on top of it. 

And no further fanciful (destructive) effects, filtering and para-phrasings (segmented juggling).
Just a simple demonstrative showcase of set composing.