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Each volume covers one or more of the following genres (and their sub genres):

  1. Lounge  
  2. Nu-Jazz / Electro Jazz
  3. Nu-Soul
  4. Trip/Hop
  5. Downtempo
  6. Chill / Ambience
  7. Deep House
  8. Deep Soulful House
  9. Beach / Chill House
  10. Deep Funky House
  11. Nu-Disco
  12. Classic / Garage House
  13. Soulful / Vocal House
  14. Tribal House
  15. Tech House / Minimal
  16. Electro House
  17. Progressive House

...And as best categorised into seven overall volumes:

  • Initialsession 01 - Lounge / Nu-jazz / Downtempo
  • Initialsession 02 - Deep Soulful / Deep Funky House
  • Initialsession 03 - Deep Soulful / Deep Chilled House
  • Initialsession 04 - Classic Garage / Soulful Vocal House
  • Initialsession 05 - Chilled Nu-Disco
  • Initialsession 06 - Tech House / Techno
  • Initialsession 07 - Soulful Electro / Progressive House 

It has come to my personal attention and insistence to only select the very best music with a cohesive 'soul'. Such signature is certainly difficult to condense to a simplified description - as the very word 'soul' comes in many varying meanings and expectations from any avid music listener. 

I do occasionally become passionate in delivering subdued atmosphere/s, such as in the realms of Tech House and Minimal but essentially - cohesion and soulfulness is paramount as a goal in almost all of my set construction library despite the tremendous difficulty in resourcing the right ingredients.

In technical preferences or essence - I constantly mix in between vinyl records, CDs, and uncompressed WAV tracks as my mediums. Whilst I do not own an impressively large collection of libraries - I am far beyond the norm of conventional DJs who simply relied on downloading hundreds if not, thousands of tracks at once without giving proper time to intently listen to them and organise as best into their mixes.