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a sonic reminder; of all things significant

Current concept titles

What is the MOMENT™ project?

Moment™ was born as an idea to illustrate and sonically curate celebratory definitions of "moments". An event, thought, an issue or concern to be sonically illustrated. By means of curating sonic set compositions.

A sonic reminder of all things significant. A sonic insight/s portraying feelings or paradigms affecting us the most. This is the MOMENT™ project.

One of few major goals in this "hobby" project - is to somehow deliver a possibility of it to become published as a fully realised actual product, or a brand, in real life, as a way not to compete in terms of commercial gain or personal fame. Two of which have remained to be the overly saturated norm/s of sonic albums / compilation design.

What this project propose however, is less about the tangible material impact on the audience. But more on promoting the contextual impact of each and every title/s from its' design and musical selection/gathering.

These are not what one considers simply a mixed go-to party compilation. Or for simplicity sake - a "background" music.

This project is not a reflective example of just like what dozens upon dozens of mainstream record labels/publishers try to do - compounded profitability & commercial sustainability. 

This project is anything but putting (hypothetically speaking) the people, managers, producers, and ultimately - the affiliated artist/s and DJ's / set composers all to achieve, establish and to sustain a financial profit nor for promoting any superficial iconography. 

Of all things - to portray something that relates back to the minds of the listener, in memorable and personal ways.