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01 / Destination Yours (2009-2015)

Why do we listen, curate and compile music in the first place? To provide ourselves a “journey” towards broad self discovery. Beyond therapeutic fullfilment.  

As the starting "genesis" of the entire series, I wanted to produce something that is flexible, yet something that is not too considered "spiritual" as that is what's usually associated as the initial impression we get from the overall "Chill-Out" category. If anything, my passion was to avoid re-creating and competing against what's on the shelves; but creating something of a tangible value that people can listen to reflect ones' own basic, sole reasoning & purpose on why we listen to these genres in the first place.

That is - finding a certain sonic environment where they can truly be at ease, and ultimately; relate to. Perhaps a possible, alternative way of "finding" themselves, a way of "self discovery".  If there is one thing I do subtly find about downtempo & chill-out genres as a whole - it always makes an attempt to communicate something about a possible "journey". I'd like to call this 'self-discovery'. 

Throughout the one whole year invested in the first version, as it was completed in 2009 - I was only halfway satisfied, but decided to make do with it as it was. Only until I have written my Principle that I was able to make a complete revisit to this project; hence titled the 5th Anniversary edition - to fully gave itself a first initial "final" resting place in early 2014 before being revised once more for 2015 for open listening, review; for the very first time. 

6th year anniversary edition

  1. Tom & Joyce - Vai Minha Tristeza (Acoustic Mix)
  2. Heiko - Miles Away
  3. Claude Challe - Je Nouse Aime
  4. Levitation - More Than Ever People
  5. Social Disco & Maia - The way you move (Greg Wilson remix)
  6. Stefano Carpi - After the sea
  7. George - Holiday
  8. Astor Piazolla Vs. Koop - Vuelvo Al Sur
  9. Afterlife - Take Me Inside (Christophe Goze Mix)
  10. Aya - Looking For The Sun
  11. Tiefscwharz - Never (Never! Turntablerocker Hip Hop Mix)
  12. dZihan & Kamien - Homebase
  13. Blue Six - Harbour


Original / first version

  1. Blue Six - harbour
  2. Kyoto Jazz Massive feat. Bebel Gilberto - The view from her room
  3. Claude Challe - Je nous aime
  4. De Phazz - The Mambo Craze
  5. Louise Vertigo - Oū lest la femme?
  6. The Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones - New York CITY (DJ Strobe brooklyn vibe mix feat. split-visionz)
  7. Koop - Tonight (Nicola Conte New Jazz remix)
  8. dZihan & Kamien - stiff jazz (zundapp doubb)
  9. Projections - half pint
  10. Towa Tei - A ring Feat. pascale Borel
  11. Christophe Goze - Sensually yours
  12. Coco & Puttnam Feat. Cathy -  Battisstessa Starlight
  13. Flying Pops - Fly To Me now
  14. Jakatta - The Other World
  15. James Bright feat. Rachel Lloyd - Home