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addressing Admission & Anxiety

I am not a psychologist nor I am educated enough to know any scientific nor biological references  as a study - but my sincerest belief tells me that we; dare I say it - are never able to express nor to communicate one aspect well with each other - it's called anxiety

In late 2009, it came to my attention everything I have listened thus far have only made to inform me - as a listener - to  only have found music solely for itself to be discovered, to be heard and sustained / promoted / flourished - for linear, profitable means to the other end / third party. But never have been truly taken as how it relates to one's own set of circumstances; either to themselves or upon others.

What I mean is taking the time to address almost anything surrounding life thus far and taken that as a context as to how music has impacted me; both physically and mentally.  I have always longed to create a "different" listening context where a set composition demands respect, and sensibility amongst its' listeners; whilst still leaving room for any and all open-ended reflection/s. 

I am not a psychologist nor I am educated enough to know any scientific nor biological references  as a study - but I sincerely believe from a gut reaction that there is one thing that we are; dare I say it - are never able to express nor to communicate well with each other - it's called anxiety. Whether you internally feel completely unable to succeed in (technically speaking) all paradigms of life. Or for never being able to get nor to afford the things you want.

In whatever forms, anxiety is ubiquitous in the midst of our own everyday ignorance. The more we let it "subside" hoping it would resolve itself, it would only get worse - simply because we are afraid of communicating what it is we truly after.

We are afraid to discuss within the normalcy of today over something hideously primal at first sight or first notice, yet this ironically; is a natural endeavour for every human being.

SEXUALITY as primal admission/s.

Anxiety especially involving intimate acts of touch or procreation - is widely seen today as symbol of unsolicited oppression, aggression and privacy - violation. Yet we unknowingly disregard it as one of our many primal admission/s of human need itself. To interact, and feel validated; in hopeful returns.  

If anything - evolution and civilisation indeed succeeds through much of our own sexual interactions. Be it through possibilities of diversity and exotic social endeavours, reception and understanding. 

Unless if such need is met with a willing (resourcefully exchangeable) compassionate reason; most likely by the (very few) & liberal minority of populace -  any measure of hope for a lone victim to continue to move on with life will ultimately; diminish.

Our own willingness for primal admission that it exists, and its' existence to be recognised, and nourished unlikely remain as remotely accepted in the wider context of the presently inegalitarian socio-political constructs of today."-isms" such as Feminism or SJW "Social Justice Warriors" have much to explain to the more divisive Isolations they perpetuate; leading to a distorted, uncooperative social interpretation of "Sexuality" as where we are today. 

Not through "institutionalised" laws or politics; for all this is simply a manmade-expectation, a constructed law; and by which none of this is naturally recognised, honoured by the more complex, and individually specific contexts of biology.   

Thus I feel compelled to write a series of set compositions projecting two different opposing beliefs of how we react to it - the conservative (sensationalist, sentimentalist) and the progressive (egalitarian, realist) perspective/s. 

A soundtrack that portrays exactly this current stigma & widespread reaction as a gentle attempt to expose the current state of emotions; at its' recent and current climate  NOT as a problem, and not something to  blame or as an issue - but as gentle form/s of observation of this anxiety at its' current state.

The only thing that LADY strives and conceptualised to portray is only to remind one's own implicit ways of understanding, acceptance, tolerance, and realising our own admission of this inner need; regardless how that need is fullfilled between two consenting adults. Something to make us forget of all we know as "politics", "upbringing" and (for lack of better word) spiritual "indoctrination" -  by listening to anything that inspires us to realise this primal admission; of which it exists simply for what it is.

With honesty, transparency and of all - sensitivity and respect. These are what has been undertaken the most effort of all the years in the making.

Nothing more, nothing less.