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Register your interest here! Initialsession™ self-promotionals now available for private review and evaluations.

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I am happy to announce that the first few volumes of mixtapes are available for private evaluation and review. Please be aware that these Private Promotionals are designed and prepared in very limited quantities. Before  continuing, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Register your interest by filling out the form on the right
  2. Within your message - briefly describe (a little) about yourself, and clearly state the list of genres that you would like to receive.
  3. Click submit, once I have received and reviewed your form queries I will advise you on how to proceed for shipping payment!

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Should you have any queries please refer down to the quick FAQs below, or alternatively write me an email through my address at initialsession@yahoo.com.

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Quick questions? Meet quick answers.

how many can I order at a time? 

You may request a reservation order of up to two (2) different titles of Initialsession™ in one transaction. For example, you may put in any one transaction at a time - a Volume I and Volume III by selecting Vol I under First Item Reservation, and selecting Vol III under Second Item reservation. Multiple copies of the same title/s will not be accepted.

help! I've lost my existing copy of the title. Would you be able to re-send me the same copy?

Unfortunately, I do not accept in the re-sending of additional copy to the same recipient.  

How much am I expected to pay for a shipping fee?

This is entirely dependent upon where you are of course! During the order verification process I will first have to calculate the shipping charges to your location and then getting back to you with a total quota.

I'm located on the other side of the globe. Do you ship internationally?

Provided you are not by in any chance located in the off remote sites of the North Pole - In some cases, yes I am happy to ship internationally. Please state where you are and enquire this through me on via the form's Message content above. To make things smoother: I'd be sincerely pleased if you can structure your address in the following formats:

  1. Your Name (as recipient)
  2. Street Name / Unit Name / No:
  3. Suburb:
  4. City:
  5. State:
  6. Country :
  7. Post Code :

If you do not provide any shipping information your request will be ignored.

What payment methods do you currently accept?

I currently accept only PayPal® payments. I will advise you on how to do so on my next concurrent emails once I have:

  • Verified your details and the title/s requested
  • Verified your address and shipping location.

May I make multiple copies of this?

No, you are encouraged not to do so . Please be both mindful and respectful of the hard work that's being put in front of you. If you like the artist/s as featured in these works then please by any and all respectful means please make the effort to support the artists too!

My question is not here.

Have you visited my FAQs section by any chance - this would surely answer any question/s you may have. Click here to visit the FAQs.