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Sub Projects

Beyond the Parent Book, a number of sub project(s) continue as extension to the branding initiative ethos; each entirely based from non-fictional themes, mediums and concerns.


Nutritional Humility™

So far, everything of this branding rationale have all been addressed exhaustively through its mechanistic product(s) - its Parent Book (This Is™ Humility Through Frugality) and its blog ( Yet nothing thus far convincingly encapsulates everything of this branding initiative’s real-life, non-fictional concerns; in just one (1) philosophical visual identity.

Hence the introduction of Nutritional Humility™ open to the public’s witness at its Behance® extended presentation.

Any "Facts" is only as "valid" as how it is biologically "interpreted". What is correct for one may seem adverse for another. Hence, a philosophical dilemma, in form of debates inevitably occur between two opinions. A possible “mechanics” is thus proposed to aid such a mediation is governed through this one dynamic equation. Nutritive Individualisation = CONTEXTS + INTERPRETATIONS.

Such an assessment is determined by firstly examining a “Resource” (a food, a thought, a belief or outside principle’s) relevance to the recipient’s CONTEXTS. Then qualitatively mediated by variable physiological INTERPRETATIONS. Confounded through genomics, physiology and socio-economics.


Humility Budget shopping business cards

The next Project which unfortunately was phased out due to lack of finances and viewership of these entire branding initiative was Frugality / Minimalism shopping plan cards.

Courteously printed by MOO®, London UK. Spanning across more than 28 individual ideas; these cards are encouraged to be shared amongst friends or relatives wishing to incentivise themselves to live within their own means. Custom writeable IIFYM (If-It-Fits-Your-Macro) cards are also provided to further spark the viewer’s ideas for them to create their own Humility weekly budget plan/s. 

Throughout personal (and Structural) hardships of 2015 and 2016 saw opportunities for distributing these cards out as part of job applications via snail mail / physically printed submission(s). However, resulted no feedbacks whatsoever.

This sub-project was later then deemed abandoned. Although a number of existing cards (IIFYM variants) remain available in the inventory.


Viral meme’s

In addition to visualised “marketing” of this project were that of Motivational Quotation posters. Spanning throughout almost two (2) years of development (2016-2017) across 40+ posters; these are one-off individual quotation sharing imploring lateral philosophy of motivations and concerns relative to the branding initiative. Spanning across themes of nutrition, sociology and economics.

Sadly once again, lack of viewerships have led to the shutdown of this sub-project. Only two (2) likes amidst Connections were evidently received via LinkedIN®. Private messages were then sent out having seen these gratifications. And never being heard nor curious again, ever after.

However in 2019, a revision attempt was made once again as part of 2019 Parent Branding Initiative Extension. Which is freely viewable to the public at the Behance® project presentation.

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Personal Blog

A Blog was technically speaking, the very first online medium upon which this entire branding initiative was built upon. Back since 2014 as written within Squarespace CMS. Before then migrated to Google’s Blogger platform in 2015. And then migrated again fully - towards Wordpress® as a “test-pilot” website since 2017.

Arguably the most personal and exhaustive in writing form - the Author’s own Blog platform ( curates all of personal, nutritive, scientific contemplations and auto-biographical / auto-journalistic accounts of nutritional science; amidst structural implications. Worthy to consider are Annual Food For Thoughts. An annual reconciling of personal outlooks as well as scientific research and insights. Beckoning an assuringly hours if not day(s) - worth of reading upon the insight of what it is like living under various austerity measure(s), on top self-experimentation of scientific interventions(s).

Unlike today’s inundated imagery of glamourised, “feel-good”, self-Survivorship Bias amidst Health and Wellness preaching - This Blog is instead attributed to harsh honesty. Its Author is both the face and living evidence - of the brand’s non fictional auto-account of self-authenticity.

This Blog is and can be thought of - as the “activist” arm of this branding initiative. Expressing the face of the entire Branding Initiative right through its real life lens of its own Author’s very struggles, hardships and shouldered resilience.


Accompanying Book Projects

Another ambitious sub-project are the Accompanying Books series to extend the nuanced topics of Nutritional Science in conjunction to the Parent Book.

The firstly released is the Unofficial Elaboration on “Dietary Advanced Glycation End Products”. Imploring decentralised nuanced discussions of Glycation End Products, including pragmatic workarounds and curating other less known insights. Originally however, the Book was set to feature a complete re-adapted tabulation of existing data of various d-AGEs intensity concentrations; currently freely publicised. At the time of the study’s publishing (2010) - the data remains uncollated or unorganised - neither as ascending or descending order of “AGEs” content. Hence, this may pose Readership and Accessibility difficulties. 

Sadly, licensing permissions were unable to be sourced, despite charitable intent at improving readership accessibility. Hence, an entire chapter worth 50 pages of usable information were omitted in initial public release. 

An estimate of over 300+ hours across three month(s) were invested. Over 4000+ words of dissertation alongside 70+ additional scientific references were presented to authenticate each and every claim of authenticity.



The last although not strictly seemingly that of a “project” is a social media gratuity model concept trademark; which This Author titled to as “Live-It-Forward” model.

Our present marketing expectations funnels down to nothing more than an exchange of survivorship arithmetics. Likes counters and subscription followers. These are indeed virtuous displaying of charity as such as that one has “repayed-it-forward” unto others to uplift another’s down of luck. Or simply a grant of pity. However this is myopically dismissive, akin to sentiment “I hereby giving you my token of - a Like- and that is that”. 

Arguably, this project is the very first of its kind at honestly proclaiming itself to be the anti thesis of social media “marketing”.

Since the Book’s first inception in 2015 - it does not encourages “likes”. Nor “subscriptions” to its own channel. Unfortunately, Quantified “likes” and “thumbs-ups” are subject to Inflation response. It is arguable thus that this equate frivolous and uncooperative rewarding of human civility. Instead, genuine comments of thanksgiving, in earnest evidence through writing - are far more preferred as they originate out of authentic, biological responses.

Hence, a model titled as the “Live-It-Forward” thanksgiving is proposed. To challenge against the arithmetic conventions of “Pay-It-Forward” model.