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Multi-Disciplinary Creative

Curriculum Vitaes

I have three main (3) Industry diversification interests: Creative Design, Hospitality, Health & Wellness

Graphic Design / Creative

As multi disciplinary creative I uphold accountability, transparency and pragmatic workmanship in all that I am tasked to do. A separate Expression of Interest is also available for entry-level videography opportunities. For project enquiries, please refer to the Contact Page.

Health / Wellness / Nutrition

As an affirmed enthusiast within the nuanced realms of Nutritional Science, I remain courteous and insightful of any concerns towards nutrition, health or general wellness. I hereby present my expression of interest vitae's for entry-level Health & Wellness opportunities.

Hospitality / Cleaning

Courteous and diplomatic; I aim to meet the diverse needs of my patrons and colleagues. I hereby present my expression of interest vitae's for entry-level Hospitality and Cleaning industries.

Standardised layout CV

Understandably, not all prospective employers accept any of the above highly designed / customised layouts upon assessing an individual's employability. Click here to download my conservatively and homogenously standardised version; immediately shareable.

Keynote presentation

In addition to all of my Fixed Layouts Vitaes' - I have prepared and designed a feature Keynote Curriculum Vitae presentation. For prospective clients, and confidants within various industries of Design, Creative, Health, Fitness, Wellness, and Hospitality. Click here to download a copy. Note that this requires a Mac platform with a Keynote application from the App Store.