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Preface & Summary

This Is™ Humility Preface and Summary - by Andrew Wiguna.

My interest surrounds both the understanding and reflections on Nutrition. Beyond perceiving nutrition as "food"; to merely sustain our means of living. But as a compartmentalised symbiosis; to "Interpretation" itself.  

Nutrition also represents how well we filter, digest and most importantly interpret relatively to our needs & concerns within contexts.

My overall voice of concern is highlighting the dubious outcomes from our present hierarchic (or archaic) paternalism. Amidst everything we follow and told as the supposedly “solution”. That is, supposed panacea for all current sociological and health turbulences. Metabolic syndromes, mental illnesses, social depravity, to name a few. Despite conforming to institutionalised methodology, pharmaceutical interventions or societal re-correction services - crisis of confusions and futile outcomes still somehow persist.

One “clue” however, remains dormant and begs to to be reconciled at an individual level. I documented and propose as such - stems from that of our own biological measures at re-interpreting what "enough” means.

Many years of self-accounting the above turbulences inevitably channelled to the establishment of my conceptual trademark & branding initiative - "This Is™ Humility"; since its very first ideation back in 2012. I learned and discovered that promoting inner affirmations of self-testifying one’s ability; by surviving and filtering away what is authentic and what is not - gradually composes a whollistic change to the mind and body. Towards all the more resilient and biologically appreciative uses - of both Time and Resources.

These requires lengthy, yet valuable self-enquiring the various unorthodox principles of nutrition. But also consequently, requires an inevitable questioning of what constitutes our paternalism.

Hence, my concern implores the capable Questioning of our own Authentic selves - against that of all conventions we often told never to object against.

The most prominent of such a convention? The very Institution/s we ourselves have blindingly placed all our faith & trust for survival.


Overarching Questions

Much of This Initiative’s concerns (This Is™ Humility) - revolve around the navigation, the filtering as well as understanding of Nutritional Science; and their impacts on our civility. From the sociological - to the molecular.

The next page (second of six) streamlines the above concerns into the following four (4) overarching questions; for new prospective Readers and Viewers to firmly keep “as train of thought”:

  1. Is "simplicity" - a complex irony in and of itself?

  2. Are we pursuing “perfection” out of above “simplicity” by simply betting our faiths on “Institutions”? Letting them to keep dissolving what appears to be naturally-incomprehensible frictions? Be it genetics / nutrigenomics, sociological factor(s)?

  3. Is it thus - not up to us to individually decide whether to become statistical followers or explorers - of our own Authenticity?

  4. Who should decide and judge such an Authenticity? Is it:

    1. The totalitarian-centric Institutions whose solutions are prescribed either by infinitely ambiguous “faith” - or out of Statistical Averages; out of averaged inputs of Data?

    2. Or that of our own capacitive - Selves?

Addressing each of these requires us all to dissect who (or what) contributes much as “blame” behind all of our turbulences.