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(2/2) The Concept Brand

First idealised in 2013, “This Is - Humility™ is concept, fictional self-branding initiative;  a modular typographic branding identity for the budget-conscious - everyday health & nutritional brand designed hypothetically to compete against the comparatively ”no frills”, generic low-cost alternative labels in major groceries chain. 

Designed to attract health conscious, lower to middle income groups who have already established a sound awareness in all aspects of progressive nutrition. Within contexts of affordability & accessibility - amidst the increasingly difficult socio-economical status in Australia. 

This is™ - is a minimalist, typographic, modular brand that connects itself implicitly to the product it tries to promote. No fanciful “product” or “catchy-names” for expressing frivolous sense of identity.

This is a branding initiative that never promotes nor emphasizes the need for expressing nor compete for any place nor positioning in the visual attraction marketshare. As such, this is a conceptual brand/initiative that is never fit for competition in the realms of "Advertising". As it only concerns for what the product carries and expresses implicitly for what they are to the hands of the recipient - the consumer; for whom they are likely and already well acquainted with distinguishing what is nutritionally important to their needs of everyday living and sustaining. 

To give a brief example as one of the "products" in conceptual existence - This is™ Coconut Oil / No Hexane / 90% MCTs as the overall product tagline immediately and effectively informs any buyer that it is simply: 1 - Produced without harmful Hexane chemical process and 2 - Contains over 90% MCT as legally disclosed by any / all official certificate of authenticity / extraction reports. Nothing else but presented cleanly and orderly and concise typographic manner.

This approach challenges the conventions of today’s pretentious consumables marketing and of advertising design - whereby such attainment for Visual Attraction marketshare positioning and success comes first and primary priority. Where as leaving its' products' qualitative ingredients as secondary

To put things in retrospect - we buy grocery foods every day/week to and for implicitly one thing and one thing only - to nutritionally supports us to live from day to day. Nothing else matters.

This Is™ - as a branding initiative is simplistically designed to give consumers a humble - frame of mindset; enforcing and reminding them in a state of cognitive acceptances that food is simply and implicitly should be personified just that - nutrition, and micro-nutrients.

"Brand Loyalty", Expectations and Competitions

There is a reason why consumer / brand loyalty exists. Because it primarily feeds upon a consumer’s perpetual desire/s via either one or both of these factors interchangeably:

  • One - that directly reaches and appealed to his or her psychological receptors for solely pleasure and hedonism from either past or new experience (aka “thrill” factor). Or sense of mystery from peer pressure, word of mouth.

  • And two - for communicating and connecting the relativity to that consumer’s intrinsic needs as a means to an end. What brings this product or brand a value - that speaks beyond explicitly but also more implicitly - to the consumer's perpetual needs.

This Is™ - is a brand that focuses on the latter.

It is a brand that does not portray an excessive (as presently evident) consumerist expectation that this brand simply "tastes" better and less "paler" as the ones sitting next to it. Because the very words "This Is" by its own dictates none of those expectations. It expects no superficial or objective competitions. From "taste" to formidable marketshare positioning in its relative industries. 

If there is one distinct difference between this branding intiative to that of other no-frills “Products” portfolio; is that this brand was not envisioned to see itself mass-producing “ready-made” or convenience frozen ready-to-eat rations.

The very name and invention of "convenience" would only and already perpetuates - demand for accomodating "good" or "delicious" taste in ever more and more compact and time-stressful - needs of the discerning enduser. Hence, how this hypothetical / fictional start-up organisation is envisioned is to remain on the production of simple wholefood produces. From, Butters, salt, olive oil, potatoes, rice, protein powders, supplementation/s, etc.. "Good" or "delicious tasting" are only both political and cosmetic labels. As such contributes nothing more to the wellbeing of a social fabric other than perpetuating meaningless and frivolous - marketshare competitions. 

Understandably those who are unfamiliar with basic fundamentals of cooking or preparing foods are however welcomed. Each and every products comes with a basic instructional idea for this very purpose alone. Each food and product should be designed to encourage self-discipline and creativity out of its user and consumer - to both appreciate and inevitably receives - the genuine nutritional values a human body deserves.  

Contextual discussion /
extra food for thought/s.


Let us truly take a moment. Let this number sink in. 40% of food goes uneaten. Unconsumed. In one city of the world alone.

Thus within our present realm of excess Consumerism; if this somewhat also ironically coincides with excessively UNconsumed resources / wastes  that comes along with it - this begs the question - Why should there be a competitive paradigm that whereby food; is a glamourised, fashion-show-like market commodity?

Is there any practical, human-centred reason as to why we have five (or ten) competing different names all claiming to be one same product; be it "butter" or "potatoes" - by which processes of making such an end-product are claimed to be "Certified Organic" ? Or "humanely" raised? Or "green"-certified? 

Our current paradigm excessively perpetuates waste production. In fact, we condone food waste production due to vast presentation of consumer choices all for added spoilage. Hence, the saying goes "Spoiled for choice". This is largely mistaken as consumer liberalism; as though the more choices one has (through his or her purchasing power), the more meaningful thus such paradigm brings to the greater society. Or is it?

What happens when one label is being consumed more than the other? Simple. "The Other" - goes to waste.

It is our societal-labelling and means of production & distribution that should be highlighted as THE MOST confounding causality.  

One (1) human food for one (1) human physiological / metabolic criteria remains & represent only one (1) qualitative goal. Our current system of perpetual consumption BREEDS on quantitative means of sub-qualitative production. Unfortunately, such is our "good" definition of what "efficiency" means. Maximum consumption with least inputs. 

What remains a critical issue in all of this - is that each food product's purpose is to sustain its consumer's (biological and physiological) context of needs. Not as visualised or labelled wants to signify any political subservience nor adherence to "-isms". Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Establishing this fictional initiative comes with a challenge. To broadly remind consumers - that a consumable product or a brand should be there to connect to the consumer’s intrinsic and implicit needs. To do so requires an almost risky and juvenile yet as minimalistic as our realm of linguistics allow - for creating that connection.

Simply naming this branding initiative  "This Is" is as succintly compact as our linguistics allow to dispel any or all notions - marketshare competitions. 


Realistically, No.

This initiative no matter how seemingly nor validly applicably "realistic" to consumers needs - certainly will NOT survive in the present/current context of so called "lawful" compliances within today’s monetary and competitive-capitalistic system of “markets”. It would surely dissolve in a hindsight regardless of thousands of hours (and beyond) already invested.

After all this is only one work single handedly produced by one individual alone.

Adding to the logistical impossibility as with any start-up businesses - complex taxation, fiscal complexities, risks with intermittent partnership/s ventures, franchising laws, property acquisition rights, legal indemnity protection/s one after another. All of these concerns highlight the very failing irony of our capitalistic system itself - to be succesfull, one must somehow remain both infinitely leveraged against all oppositions defamations. These leverages (beyond instrument as "money") further require willingly submissive individuals; whose rights and liberty also - are taken away involuntarily before their very own need to survive is remotely rationalised and granted for another day. 

Thus, the very harsh, desentisizing nature of "employment".  The increasing failure to reconcile Humility at the pursuit of Utility.  

I, speaking as The Author of this project - do not see such paradigm however today labelled as "green" or "moral enterpreneurship" as compassionate nor pragmatically conducive to the human physiology. Because I will have to assume complete manipulation of many beings - as though mine and only mine alone - all malleable at will.  Even "Charity" requires massive instrumental means of leverage (money as debt - again) to keep and maintain such a foundation to existence.

Nothing is free. Unless every capacitive ability to meet our Principal needs are somehow - infinitely abundant proportional to usage, demand and population growth. 

However, perhaps in an entirely different System (whereby money; as an instrument of value and exchange is not implemented) - everything and all that we know about “visual strategy”, branding and competitive marketing “personalities” as such - would be interpreted very, very differently if such competitive motive/s (towards monetary & profiteering goal/s) do not exist in the first place.

However ridiculed, radical and excessively utopianist as one could simply dismiss - this Author can only hope to live long enough to see the possibility of one day perhaps a distant, emerging new plausibility of the so called “Resource Based Economy” - would somehow serve to substitute the need for resolving much of our societal (and overall civilisation) declines - through uncoercive, automated distribution AND accessibility of resources

This thought alone of course - are obviously not immune to criticism by any or all sides of political opinions from those of opposing indoctrination/s. As sad and eventual it seems - all this remains therefore - a work of distant imaginary idealism.

This brand cares little about its narcissist exposure by ways of "likes" or "subscribers". All its existence relies upon is via its perpetual, invisible-trust of learn and "pay-it-foward" model as free-self awareness, decentralised education; all of which stems from reading the free-for-download MANUSCRIPT.

For as long as (the discerning) readers are aware of the terms & conditions and disclaimers repeated throughout;

They are free to take actions for both nutritional & physiological remanifestation towards their own authenticity and of being - from as soon as they are readily convinced...

...Or be convinced eventually - that "tomorrow" immediately becomes "yesterday". 

Thank you.

I would be gladly and eternally grateful to hear any feedback/s and any connections relative to this branding initiative's concerns and contexts. 


With Humility and regards,

(Google+ Page) This Is™ Humility

All product concept renditions are rendered and modelled with MAXON® Cinema 4D

All product concept renditions are rendered and modelled with MAXON® Cinema 4D