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Multi-Disciplinary Creative

The Parent Book

Are you living towards your-self? Or away from yourself?

I present a case that all of our concerns are portrayed elusively beyond as “branding exercise” in this Initiative.

A way of thinking. A way of life. A way of sustenance. To do so requires a written manuscript. Beyond an account of self-survivorship. An imploration of various ideas to re-navigate how we perceive and receive - Resources.

This Is™ Humility through frugality

Authenticity. Individuality. Resilience. This manuscript offers nuanced discussion/s of Nutritional Science in conjunction to our present overarching concerns - of Correctness Hierarchy and Structural Violence.

More than 100+ Scientific references are cited. Spanning throughout the book’s branching themes and concerns of Nutritional Science, Philosophy, Sociology and Economics.

Topics go beyond “Frugality”, Cyclical Ketogenic interventions, Budgeting, Resource Longevity Analysis and/or Intermittent Fasting considerations.

Beyond science, of particular provocation is its daringly philosophical dispelling of what “Humility” means. Never as idealistic moral virtuosity, charity, “Religion” or Societal "modesty". But rather - a biological experience; compartmentalised inbetween realms of Contextual Sufficiency, as well as Contextual Insufficiency.


Never prescriptive. Always Contemplative.

What appears to be (very) harsh suggestion at re-experiencing reality through Scarcity and Abundance / Feast and Famine - may yet prove to be Individual’s very own panacea. Against all that of our current prevailing dogma of “Everything-in-moderation”. Or “one-protocol-for-all”.

This Parent Book however suggests none of its prescription as "the” totalitarian solution.

Because regardless how convincingly inundated with citations and references; this Book never proclaims itself a scientific clairvoyance. Whilst at first egoistic in its imploring of decentralised awareness of low carbohydrate intervention(s); however it is never dogmatic nor is it linearly prescriptive. Rather it is aimed towards more subjectively - contemplative.

Such a “solution” hereby are represented as suggestive references, tools and strategies - to hopefully lengthen the Reader’s trail of curiosity to initiate their own self-enquiring.



All sections of the book is entirely written in Questions Meet Answers format. As opposed to lengthy thesis-like academic formality. Because all Questions promote gentle curiosities. Upon which such an answer remains flexibly addressed from as however simple, or as elaborative; as desired.

Unlike many “one-off-done-dusted” commercial Books, this manuscript remains subjectively open for periodical revisions. This Book and Project is testimony of ongoing proofs of resilience; shouldered by its Author for five years continuously, and on-going.

Versioning is denoted by their revision number (version followed by their months of subsequent periods of editing. This model insures impartiality and willingness for progressive reclarifying and continuity.