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Viral videos and commentary on social media prevalence.

About the motion graphic featurettes

More than 100gb+ worth of footage/s, accross several months of production and development were invested in the making of these motion graphic videos. First version published in 2016, then revised twice in 2017. Both edited and produced within Apple® Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X.

Due to structural hardships and limited capital inaccessibilities - all development were produced single-handedly on (multiple years suspect) of one - failing external hard drive.

Why does this channel Lack viewership?

Readers / viewers may wonder why the severe lack of viewerships despite fervency of This Project’s themes and relevance to present turbulences. This Author has had, on record, multiple dozens of hours of draft scripting work for expanding such a Social Media Channel. But has yet to continue them further, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost is attributed to the needs of sociological discretion. And consequently that of the need towards secular peace and Authentic privacy; to thus allowing progression of this Branding Initiative’s very nuanced and complex content, undisturbed.

Today, it is insatiably easy for the Pedestrian Normalcy to quantify “fame”; out of witnessing Arithmetic accumulation of “subscriptions” or “likes” - as means to justify “success”. But to do so, requires one to submit deeply into the seas of toxic malevolences and pretentiousness alike abundant amidst our present state of Social Media (thus the “Internet”), in general.

The time and effort wasted at addressing each and every backlashes; likely prevents progression of this Project’s much needed Content.

To reiterate, This branding initiative may indeed prove boisterous and “resentful” against paternalist authoritarianism. But that does not mean it readily wants to be combative and toxic, as response to everything or every”one” - else. Fighting fire with more fire by simply participating intowards this pedestrian sea of malevolence - does not constitute, in the mind and opinion of This Author - a pragmatic resolution.

Granted, nothing of This Branding Initiative implores nor aims itself to be the “superior health & wellness channel” to “Follow” or “Like”. Its sole aim is to promote lateral challenging of the self-curiosities without raising contempt(s). To do so, unfortunately - requires one to consider avoidance or modest profiling amidst all major channels of social media today. Youtube®, Twitter® and Facebook® included.

This Author nevertheless invites you to witness the elusively varied - Sub Projects - as outlined in the next page.